Checklist for starting a
new 3DSIUM store

Easy to get started with 3DSIUM checklist

Before you start

Before you start setting up your 3DSIUM store, it’s important to understand your goals.

  • If you already have an ecommerce website, then consider migrating your business – contact us to know more about migrations at info@3dsium.com
  • Choose which sales channels you want your main store to be hosted on (3DSIUM, Shopify, Magento, WordPress or others).

Set up your online store

Before you fill your 3DSIUM store with stock products, custom products, product packages and collections, you need to enter some information about yourself and your store. You need to decide on some basic standards for your product listings and customer transactions. Also, you need to set up your domain to make sure that your customers can find your store online.

  • Sign up and log in to your store
  • Name your store
  • Choose your legal business name and address
  • Add your branding colors
  • Add your favicon
  • Add your billing information
  • Set the default language for your store
  • Set the currencies available for your store
  • Set up your shipping setting – link (guide for upcoming feature to be created)
  • Set up your taxes – link (guide needed to be created)
  • Set  up your payment gateways ( We currently only support Stripe and Omise)
  • Set up your domai

Organize your online store

The way that your website looks and the types of products that you’re going to sell are the most important parts of your website. Design your website to best represent your brand and add some products to sell. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to add your products, to organize them into groups, and to set the necessary tax and shipping information.

  • Make your website looks great with 3DSIUM website builder
  • Customize your pre-built website components – feature coming soon
  • Add your products
  • Organize your products into collections
  • Customize your menu and navigation – feature coming soon

Test your online store

Before you launch your online store, place some test orders to learn how the checkout process works.

  • Test successful and failed transactions

Open your online store

After you’ve picked a plan and tested your online store, you’re ready for people to see it.

  • Deploy your website

Add other online sales channels

After you launch your online store, your business might benefit from adding some other online channels to your 3DSIUM store. 

  • Sell custom product with custom embed codes on any website and platform ( Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Webflow)
  • Sell custom products with Magento extension
  • Sell custom products with Shopify private app
  • Sell products with Team stores

Promote your online store

After you launch your online shop, you will need to promote it. You can increase your shop’s visibility by adding the information that will be used by search engines and by promoting your store in all of the appropriate spaces.

  • Define your home page metadata
  • Improve your store’s SEO
  • Use discounts, upcharges and coupons

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